Thailand 13 April 2009 Morning Roundup (in Photos/Videos)

13 April 2009

04.56 – Army attacks the Red Shirt at Din Dang area
Type: Video
Source: YouTube

At 04.56, the Army started to dissolve the Red Shirts mob at Din Dang area in central Bangkok. The Army can control the situation around 6.00 in the morning. There are many injuries but the casualties are not confirmed. The Red Shirts claims 50 casualties but  the government denied no casualties at all.

These photos are from forum by the Red side, believed to be the incident after the clash at Din Dang.


Note: Director of Rajaviti hospital confirmed the above person in ICU, he is still alive and not dead as indicated by the red-shirt.


06.45 – 68 People Injured at Din Dang
Type: News
Source: Prachatai

Rama Hospital confirmed 24 injured people at the hospital. The Erawan emergency radio network said 68 injured in total and were distributed among hospitals in Bangkok.

Morning – Photos from Din Dang
Type: Photos
Source: Getty Images & AFP


The Red Shirts after military attack
Source: AFP/GettyImages by NICOLAS ASFOURI


Burning Bus and the Red Shirt
Source: AFP/GettyImages by NICOLAS ASFOURI


Red Shirts with Knives
Source: Getty Images by Athit Perawongmetha


Red Shirt with Knife
Source: Getty Images by Athit Perawongmetha

07.15 – Emergency Task Force Forming
Type: News
Source: Matichon, Prachatai

PM Abhisit signed the command of forming the Emergency Task Force. The Supreme Commander was appointed to be the director of this Task Force.

8.30 – Gas Truck near Din Dang
Type: News
Source: Manager

The Red Shirts seized a gas truck and brought it near Din Dang area and Democrat Party HQ.

At 14.36, the Gas Truck is still there and the Red Shirts refuse to move it away. Din Dang resident splash water to cool it down.
Source: Komchadluek

Anyway, later (no exact time given in the source), the police announced the Gas Truck was removed.
Source: Komchadluek

Unknown Time – Red Shirt burning things on street
Type: Photo
Source: Matichon (no link, sorry)

10.20 – Red Shirts Close Traffic at Yommarat Area
Type: News
Source: Thairath

Thairath reports the traffic closing around Yommarat area in Bangkok, including the exit from Express Way at Yommarat.

11.00 – Department Stores and Petrol Station Closed
Type: News
Source: Thairath

Major department stores in central Bangkok area are closed today, including: Central Chidlom, Central Ladprao, Central Pinkloa, Zen, Siam Paragon, Major Ratchayothin. Few petrol stations are closed too.


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