Thailand 12 April 2009 Roundup (in Photos/Videos)

12 April 2009

10.oo – Arisman Arrested
Type: News
Source: Prachatai

Arisman Pongruengrong, one of Red Shirts leaders who siezed ASEAN Summit at Pattaya was arrested at his resident in Thonburi for the uprising charge. Police brought him to the military base in Prachuapkhirikhan province. He called the Red Shirts around 13.20 that he did not know the destination the police would bring him to.

13.00 – Red Shirts at Criminal Court
Type: Video
Source: MCOT

Video from MCOT 13.00 news. The Red Shirts called the meeting in front of the Criminal Court at Ratchadapisek Road. There was a news that police would bring Arisman Pongruengrong, one of Red Shirts leaders who siezed ASEAN Summit at Pattaya, to Criminal Court today. The Red Shirts came to pressure the court. The police did not come here anyway.

14.00 – Red Shirts’ Lawyers Requested for Arisman’s Location
Type: Video
Source: MCOT

Video from MCOT 14.00 news. Since the police did not disclose the location of arrested Arisman, one of the Red Shirts leader. His lawyers requested via media for Arisman’s location.

14.45 – State of Emergency in Bangkok
Type: Video
Source: MCOT

PM Abhisit announced the State of Emergency in Bangkok and nearby provinces on all television channels.

Afternoon – Red Shirts vs Army Tank
Type: Video
Source: YouTube

A YouTube video shows Red Shirts came to an Army Tank and sweared the Tank driver. That soldier said he was ordered by duty and have no intention to harm people. Anyway, he tried to fled away but crash his Tank with some Red Shirts’ motorcycles and Taxis. This video was shot by the Red Shirts, no time given. It seems to be on the afternoon of 12 April 2009.

16.00 – Red Shirts seized Tank
Type: Video
Source: YouTube

This is another incident of Red Shirts and Tank. This is the newsclip of Red Shirts successfully seized one Military Tank at the street near Siam Paragon department store.

update: Another clips from YouTube by Bamafarang

16.40 – PM Abhisit safely escaped from Ministry of Interior
Type: Video
Source: MCOT

After Abhisit’s announcement for the State of Emergency, the Red Shirts went to Ministry of Interior, where Abhisit was staying at that moment. Red Shirts siezed Abhisit’s car and tried to break it but failed. Abhisit and his car escape from that location safely but some following government cars were broken.

update: video from YouTube, the scene that Abhisit car was under attacked.

Around 17.00 – Government’s people hurt
Type: Photo
Source: Twitpic by smartbrain (Original photograph from


This photo comes shortly afterward from above incident. One of Abhisit’s followers, the driver of PM secretary, was injured by the Red Shirts.


This might be the picture of smashing Mercedes, one of government official’s cars. Also from Smartbrain’s Twitpic. It’s the screen capture from ASTV cable TV. Note: ASTV is opposing TV channel for the Red Shirts movement.

17.00 – Red Shirts drove the Tank around
Type: Video
Source: MCOT

This is followup from above Tank seizing news. The Red Shirts drove the seem-to-be-same siezed Tank around and celebrated.

17.30 – Abhisit on TV for the 2nd time
Type: News
Source: Prachatai

After escaping from the Red Shirts at Ministry of Interior, PM Abhisit announced on TV for second time of the day. He confirmed the Red Shirts’ attempt to injure him and asked everyone to stop.

22.00 – Red Shirts Around the Country
Type: News
Source: Prachatai

Prachatai Online Newspaper has a roundup of Red Shirts Movement outside Bangkok. Most of them were the movement of Red Shirts to townhall in several provinces (most are in North and Northeastern part of Thailand, Red Shirt’s stronghold) to pressure the government on Arisman’s case.

Some reported numbers:

  • Nongbualamphu: 300
  • Chiang Mai: 3,100
  • Chaiyaphum: 500
  • Udonthani: 1,000
  • Chanthaburi: 400
  • Ayutthaya: 50
  • Nakorn Ratchasima: 300
  • Chiang Rai: 200
  • Pathumthani: 500
  • Nongkhai: 300

23.50 – Abhisit on TV for the 3rd time of the Day
Type: News
Source: Prachatai

PM Abhisit appeared on TV for the 3rd time of 12 April 2009. He confirmed the Red Shirts turmoil is illegal and promised to bring the peace back within 3-4 days.


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  1. Redshirt member replied:

    Even the Angels wept for Redshirt Protesters….Thailand is now ruled by absolute monarchy despite of the wishes of the people. Chakri Dynasty is reclaiming the country back from people just like the Ancesstor who was the right hand man of King Taksin who freed Thailand from Burma’s ruling. Chakri Ancesstor killed King Taksin.


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